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The SDAB is conducting all appeal hearings by video conference using Microsoft Teams. You can participate with any live meeting or observe remotely using your computer.

Agendas for upcoming public hearings of the Calgary Subdivision and Development Appeal Board to be held on the listed dates and times. When multiple appeals are scheduled in the same time slot, the order will be determined at the beginning of that time slot. The SDAB may adjust its agenda as it deems necessary for the efficient and effective hearing of appeals.

Agenda 2023 June 15

9:00 a.m. - Procedural & Jurisdictional

2023-0025 - 11333 84 Street SE, Legal Desc: 8310744;2

Appeal against an order of the Development Authority to cease all activity and remove all materials, vehicles, buildings, trailers and equipment from the property before June 19, 2023.

Residual Ward 12, Sub Area 12A - Shephard - S-FUD

9:00 a.m. - Procedural & Jurisdictional

2023-0028 - 2828 144 Avenue NW (Legal Desc: 5;1;26;6;SE),
15333 Panorama Road NW (Legal Desc: 5;1;26;NE), and 14800
Symons Valley Road NW (Legal Desc: 5;1;26;NW & 5;1;26;SW)

Appeal against decision to refuse the proposed outline plan located at 2828 – 144 Avenue NW and 15333 Panorama Road NW 14800 Symons Valley Road NW (Portion of SE1/4 Section 6-26-1-5; Portion of W1/2 Section 6-26-1-5; Portion of NE1/4 Section 6-26-1-5), to subdivide 67.31 hectares ± (166.32 acres ±).

Ward Residual Ward 2 - Sub Area 02L - Glacier Ridge - S-FUD

10:30 a.m. - Procedural & Jurisdictional

2023-0029 - 1836 19 Avenue NW (DP2022-05983)

Change of Use: Single Detached Dwelling, Addition: Single Detached Dwelling (rear pergola). Appeal against a refusal.

Ward 7 - Capitol Hill - R-C2

10:30 a.m. - Procedural & Jurisdictional

2023-0030 - 3223 Conrad Crescent NW (DP2023-00584)

New: Single Detached Dwelling, Secondary Suite (basement), Accessory Residential Building (garage). Appeal against an approval.

Ward 4 - Charleswood - R-C1

Agenda 2023 June 22

9:00 a.m. - Procedural & Jurisdictional

2023-0033 - 38 Sage Hill Green NW (DP2023-00964 )

New: Secondary Suite (basement). Appeal against a refusal. 

Ward 2  Sage Hill  R-1N

10:00 a.m. - Merit

2023-0023 - 4220 Brisebois Drive NW (DP2023-00720)

New: Secondary Suite (basement). Appeal against an approval. 

Ward 4  Brentwood  R-C1

Adjourned from June 1, 2023

1:30p.m. - Merit

2023-0022 - 205 Spring Creek Common SW (DP2023-01691)

Revision: Dwelling Units, Retail and Consumer Service (changes to DP2019-4791, enclosing breezeway, minor exterior renovations). Appeal against an approval. 

Ward 6  Springbank Hill  MU-1 f3.0h20

Adjourned from June 1, 2023