Rescheduled Appeals

The table below lists all appeals that have been re-scheduled for November 27, 2018 or later. Please consult the table below to determine whether an appeal in which you are interested has been brought forward and, if so, to when. Changes to evidence disclosure timelines for the rescheduled appeals have been communicated to key parties directly. For more information, including inquiries about appeals not listed below, please contact our office at or 403-268-5312, or refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section below.









2018-0048 DP2018-1698 11125 38 ST NE 08 Jan 19 05 Mar 19 1:30 PM Merit February 25 @ noon
2018-0097 SB2018-0212 7216 BOW CR NW 06 Dec 18 17 Jan 19 9:00 AM Merit January 09 @ noon
2018-0099 DP2018-1697 3411 17 AV SE 06 Dec 18 31 Jan 19 1:30 PM Merit January 23 @ noon
2018-0101 DP2018-1948 5512 Macleod TR SW 04 Dec 18 31 Jan 19 9:00 AM Merit January 23 @ noon
2018-0102 DP2018-2605 7220 Fairmount DR SE 06 Dec 18 07 Feb 19 9:00 AM Merit January 30 @ noon
2018-0103 DP2018-1788 #2105, 19605 Walden BV SE 06 Dec 18 28 Feb 19 1:30 PM Merit February 20 @ noon
2018-0118 DP2018-1769 618 1 Avenue NE 13 Dec 18 14 Feb 19 9:00 AM Merit February 6 @ noon
2018-0124 DP2018-3171 8820 46 Avenue NW 17 Jan 19 17 Jan 19 9:00 AM Merit January 09 @ noon
2018-0127 DP2018-3043 200-500 Royal Oak Dr NW 13 Dec 18 07 Feb 19 1:30 PM Merit January 30 @ noon
2018-0130 DP2018-1960 1302 11 Ave SE 20 Dec 18 28 Mar 19 1:30 PM Merit March 20 @ noon
2018-0133 DP2018-1928 118 8 Street NE 20 Dec 18 28 Feb 19 9:00 AM Merit February 20 @ noon
2018-0150 DP2018-3116 405 14 Ave NE 03 Jan 19 21 Feb 19 1:30 PM Merit February 13 @ noon
2018-0151 DP2018-2940 1636 6 Street NW 14 Feb 19 24 Jan 19 1:30 PM Merit January 16 @ noon
*Procedural and Jurisdictional

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Board has rescheduled a number of appeal hearing sessions so that parties may have a chance to have their appeals resolved sooner. Due to unprecedented numbers of appeals being filed related to cannabis stores, the Board had scheduled appeal hearing sessions as late as March 2019. The Board has added meeting days to its normal schedule and drawn on additional resources in order to accelerate these appeals.

Yes. Although the high volume of appeals received by the Board is due to the number of cannabis store development permit decisions made by the Development Authority (i.e., The City’s Planning Department), all appeals on the Board’s schedule have been considered for rescheduling. All appeals that had sessions originally scheduled on or after November 27, 2018 were considered in planning the rescheduling of appeals.

The Board is holding additional meetings on Wednesdays and Thursdays in order to accommodate the rescheduling effort. The Board will revisit this strategy in January 2019 to determine whether the need for additional meeting days still exists.

Individuals who have already been identified as being associated with the appeal by the Board (e.g. applicants, owners, appellants, community associations, persons attending hearings) will, wherever possible, receive email notification of the rescheduling of the appeal. In addition, considerable print, radio and social media advertising and communication efforts have been arranged by the Board’s administration to ensure there is broad awareness of rescheduling of appeals.

Adjournment requests are not granted automatically; the decision is made on the day of the hearing by the Board. Each request is considered on its own merits and in light of submissions from other parties to the appeal.

You may submit a written request for an adjournment, including the reasons for the request, to Board Administration as soon as possible by emailing it to

If you are unable to submit the request in writing, you should make a verbal request to the Board at the time of the scheduled hearing session.

Finally, please note that if you are unable to attend the hearing session to speak to your adjournment request, you should have someone attend on your behalf. You, or someone on your behalf, should be at the hearing to speak to the adjournment request and, in the case that your request is denied, to present evidence to the Board on the merits of the appeal. If someone attends on your behalf, he or she may be required to provide written confirmation from you that he or she is authorized to speak on your behalf.

The information contained herein is intended for information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. For certainty, you should consult the Municipal Government Act and other related statutes and regulations.